Thank you!

You have made some amazing things happen this year!

  • Your hearts were touched by the emergency appeal for Syria and you helped to provide emergency supply packs for thousands of families.
  • You celebrated 35 years of Bible a Month and added our 20,000th member - between you raising an astonishing £2 million pounds annually - enough to translate, print and distribute half a million Bibles a year.
  • Your gifts to the Child of Bethlehem appeal have already raised over £100,000 - which is enough to provide over 2,000 children a place at a Bible camp - and over 1000 people downloaded the special Bethlehem Christmas resources.
  • 1,300 of you 'liked' Bible Society this year and took part in Bible conversations with 24,000 others on
  • In Ethiopia and across Africa, you provided Selasse - and thousands like him - with their very own Proclaimer audio Bible.
  • Thousands of you downloaded 'You've got the Time' - our audio version of the New Testament - and got it to number five on the iTunes podcast chart in the UK.
  • Your support has enabled the world's newest nation to launch a Bible Society - we welcome the Bible Society of South Sudan!
  • You provided specially produced Bibles to every Olympic athlete who requested one.
  • Your support has enabled the translation of the New Testament into Jamaican for the very first time.

We thank God for such faithful supporters. Without your prayers, financial support and encouragement, none of this would have been possible.

You have also helped us put the Bible into the headlines in 2012 in the
following ways:

  • Diamond Jubilee In the Bible, jubilee was a special year when wrongs were forgiven and debts written off. So, in the run up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, we asked Christians to think who was their ‘Diamond Geezer,’ the person who had made a difference to their life. Christians across the UK wrote thank-you letters to the person to whom they felt indebted, in a modern-day twist on jubilee. 
  • The Pitch The Pitch, a film competition encouraging people to turn to the Bible as a source of inspiration saw The Black Scholes Conspiracy win The Pitch competition 2012. Rahab (starring David Oyelowo from Spooks), the winner of the 2011 Pitch competition, was screened at the Colchester International Film Festival, having screened earlier in the year at the prestigious London Sci-fi Film Festival.
  • Sports Good News Bibles Special Good News Bibles were produced with extra Sports specific content and were used in the chapels in the Olympic parks.
  • WHO? Bible Society’s book WHO?, the New Testament in a fresh, accessible way for ‘those who have never made it past the front cover’ was picked up by many looking to read the scriptures afresh and re-engage with The One at the centre of them.
  • Jamaican New Testament launched The Jamaican New Testament was launched at the High Commission in London, in both audio and print formats, garnering plaudits and international media coverage. Revd Courtney Stewart, General Secretary of the Bible Society of the West Indies says ‘It’s a time of tremendous rejoicing and celebration; it is a recognition that our language is a bona fide language and it is worthy enough to convey the Word of God to us.’

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