Testimonies flood in of how Youth Edition Bible is impacting on lives

Our Good News Bible – The Youth Edition, designed with the help of Youth for Christ and young people themselves, recently won the Christian Resources Together Bible of the Year award, which recognises the impact it is having on young people’s lives. 

It provides a range of ways for young people to engage with the Bible text, whether through doodling and journalling in the margins or watching YouTube videos that accompany the text. 

For those who already engage with and love the Bible, the Youth Edition can be a doorway to thinking about the Bible differently. And the interactive features of the Youth Edition can encourage those who have never read the Bible to encounter it for the first time, as the following stories testify.

A youth worker with ‘Every Day God Encounters’ shared with us the reactions she has received from young people about the Youth Edition. She said, ‘One of the girls who has been attending our fortnightly Sunday night youth club is not a Christian. She came along and was given a Bible. She grabbed it straight away and flipped it open. 

‘During the talks, she didn’t look up but sat at the table filling in her Bible and colouring bits in. She stayed into the night colouring and reading her Bible. Her last remark was, “This is the best present!”’ 

Another girl was given a copy, and the youth worker then had a Facebook message from her Mum saying: ‘Thank you so much. My daughter has never touched a Bible in her life. She now wants to show me things.’

The Bible can have a life-changing impact on young people. A youth worker from Kingsbridge witnessed a young person who, having received a Youth Edition, connected with the Bible so much themselves that they introduced it to a friend who was going through a difficult time: ‘With their arm around their desperate friend, they begin to read out loud, word by word, sentence by sentence, the story of the prodigal son.’ At the end of the passage, the young person ‘turned to their friend, looked them in the eye, and emphatically exclaimed, “That’s us. We can be found, too!”’ 

It’s amazing to hear how the Bible has been speaking relevantly and encouragingly into the lives of young people in England and Wales.

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Good News Bible – The Youth Edition

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