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A girl in Egypt take part in a Bible quiz.

Six-fold jump in teenagers engaging with Scripture in Egypt through Bible quiz

A Bible competition is reaching six times as many teenagers in Egypt this year.

Last year, 1,500 teenagers took part and it was so successful that the Bible Society in Egypt has expanded it to reach 10,000 in 2021.

The competition enables young people to continue to engage with the Bible when it is difficult for them to gather in large numbers due to the pandemic.

Erieny, 13, said of last year’s event: ‘I’d been looking forward to the competition for a long time.  I was so happy that we were still able to have a Bible competition, even despite the lockdowns and problems. Mum and Dad helped me in my study and in the final exam I scored 89 per cent! I was very happy with the result.’

This month, the participants, in different regions of the country from the Delta, to Cairo, to Upper Egypt, began studying The Story, an abridged, chronological Bible that reads like a novel.

Egyptian churches oversee local competitions and send winners to the finals. Prizes are donated by local businesses.

The responses from last year’s event show the amazing impact this Bible ministry has.

Marina, 14, told of how she read the book of Judges for the first time.

‘The Judges chapter, entitled “The Empty Cycle”, fascinated me. I knew some stories like Samson, but it was like a cultural story, not a real Bible story, with all the details and the big picture of several cycles of sinning and repentance and salvation. I learned how God is sovereign over all the nations.’

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Author: Simon Bartz, 22 July 2021

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