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Sir Alex was a great leader but the Bible has many great examples too!

Football has pretty much dominated the news headlines these last few days! Even without being a football supporter it has been nigh on impossible to ignore the retirement announcement of Sir Alex Ferguson from Manchester United Football Club.

The news has filled front pages, back pages and many pages in between about this man who will be noted in history as football’s greatest leader. Comments have been made stating that his leadership skills were so strong that he could have managed anything – so football were lucky to have him.

So what was it about his leadership that earned him such respect and what parallels can we draw from this in the Bible? Being full of great leaders we thought it would be useful to draw some analogies. Who were those leaders and what strengths did they have compared to Sir Alex?

JOSEPH endured despite his circumstance and had a vision to sustain him in difficult times

MOSES was willing to step up and lead and willing to stick up for people

DAVID famous for not being afraid of giants had conviction and strength of resolve on his side

DANIEL maintained resolve and regardless of consequences he remained steadfast to his conviction

NOAH did what he thought was right even though he was alone in his decision making

ABRAHAM embraced the unknown, managed risk and uncertainty

ISAIAH credited for the words “Here I am send me”, showed his willingness to take action, even at a moment’s notice rose to the occasion and shunned inaction

JOSHUA lead by example and inspired by example

JOHN THE BAPTIST wasn’t afraid to call out like it is!  Being brutally honest he called a group of people, “you brood of vipers”

PETER recovered from failure, wasn’t discouraged despite denying Jesus he picked himself and carried on

PAUL was a very zealous character and was passionate about what he believed in

JESUS CHRIST himself was a servant; often great leaders focus on serving those who follow them

So looking back at the leadership qualities Sir Alex displayed we can now draw some parallels

Work Ethic – passion, dedication to the game, attention to detail, working very long hours and expecting very high standards from his players too

Vision – which inspired and motivated everyone and also had a great eye for spotting talent

Team Work – loyalty to the club and his players, appointed good people, supported his players.  Created a positive impact by surrounding himself with good people

Belief – he believed in himself, was never scared and was always ready to make a decision

Mastery - he was famous for bouncing back from setbacks, had such an ability to learn and adapt and learn from those mistakes

So once the news agenda focuses its attention on other stories and Sir Alex goes into retirement The Bible will still be able to teach us plenty about leadership.


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