Scilly Isles’ Open the Book ‘a big hit’ says chaplain

More than 120 children on the island of St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles have been taking part in Open The Book. And, the dramatic re-telling of biblical stories during assemblies has been ‘a bit hit’ according to chaplain, Canon Paul Miller.

Children from 3-16-years-old attend the Five Islands’ School. A team of around a dozen locals go into the school every fortnight to stage dramatic re-tellings of Bible stories for the primary school children. Costumes are provided by the local theatre company.

‘I decided that this was the best way to do church, to go to the school, rather than expect them to come here,’ said Canon Miller.

‘I think that the days of Sunday School are nearing an end in the traditional form.

‘Open the Book has been a brilliant way to do church because it’s very visual.

‘I wanted to help the children to see, in story form, what the Bible has recorded for us.

‘It helps them to contextualise the Bible into their own situation.’

The most popular stories so far, he said, had been those of Moses, Noah, Joseph and the fall of the walls of Jericho. 

Bringing the Bible to life

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