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Record number of Bibles distributed across Ukraine

Author: Hazel Southam, 25 August 2023

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Olga and her daughter Tetiana are among 10 other inhabitants of Novomarkove village who chose to stay.

The war in Ukraine has led to a dramatic rise in the demand for Bibles as people ask existential questions about life and death.

The Ukrainian Bible Society reports that, in the last 15 months, some 700,000 Bibles have been distributed across the war-torn country. This is a five-fold increase on numbers handed out before the war. In 2020, some 136,767 Bibles were distributed in Ukraine. 

Anatoliy Raychynets, deputy general secretary of the Ukrainian Bible Society said, ‘The experience of this time is that so many people are looking for Bibles and churches. 

‘We are doing everything possible to reach all the needs, but more Bibles are needed. With the help of the word of God, we can bring the love of God to those who need it.’

Bibles are distributed around the country, including to soldiers and civilian communities on the front line, and to those in hospital. ‘Wherever the Bible is taken, it is very much appreciated,’ said Anatoliy. 

Give to Bible distribution in Ukraine

Above: a Bible Society visit involves fun activities for children, as well as practical help and Bible distribution; prayers are said at a soldier's 40th birthday; damaged homes in Kharkiv. 

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