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‘Pray for us,’ says Ukrainian Bible Society

Author: Hazel Southam, 24 February 2022

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Photo credit: Reuters/Carols Barria

‘Pray for peace,’ are the words coming today from the Bible Society of Ukraine.

Spokesman for the Bible Society of Ukraine, Rostyslav Stasyuk said, ‘Please continue praying for peace in our country, for the governments on both sides that their hearts are influenced by the Holy Spirit, pray for our soldiers who are sacrificing their lives to protect their homeland.’

He added, ‘Also pray for church leaders and especially ministers to remain strong mentally and physically as they carry the message of hope and encouragement.’

Currently, all Bible Society staff are accounted for, though there are concerns for those who live in areas close to the fighting.

Rostyslav said, ‘It is crucial that we continue providing support for our churches and people, with Bibles’.

The news comes in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this morning.

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