Pray for us after coup, urges Mali Bible Society head

The Bible Society of Mali has asked for prayer following the military coup that saw its president resign and parliament dissolved.

The Malian Bible Society's General Director Jacques Dembele said: 'Pray for our activities and the team.' He warned that while the departure of the president was a welcome development for many, the Church in the Muslim-majority country was the 'weakest link' in Malian society as minority rights could be imperilled during times of political crisis.

However, he said the crisis was 'an opening for the gospel' and that because of Mali's endemic poverty, corruption and violence, people were turning to the Church. 

'Now is the time for the Church to show God's compassion and love – to be a place of welcome and refuge and to participate in the development of the country,' he said.

'Pray that the Church will not remain silent despite the feeling of being "one against a thousand". During these times of crisis, people are turning to the Bible, people are looking for the truth.'

He asked for prayer that 'we are able to meet the needs of Malians on all fronts – little by little making an impact'.

The coup has been widely condemned internationally. However, a spokesman for the new government, the National Committee for the Salvation of the People, has said it did not wish to remain in power and would organise elections as soon as practicable.

The government of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta had been unpopular due to its failure to contain ethnic violence and jihadist attacks which have destabilised the country and the wider region.

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