Pitch Film Competition Winner

Aurora Fearnley from Southwark, has won the Pitch Film Competition. 

Aurora pitched an idea for a space sci-fi film called  “Pulsar”, based on the book of Jonah, to judges at the finals this weekend. It's the fourth time the 32 year old has entered the competition. 

After presenting Aurora with her prize actor David Gyasi, who was one of the one judges at the competition finals weekend, said  'Essentially for me it was the story, along with the way she has translated the original text to a modern and futuristic setting and the character that grabbed me. I could really envisage the film and the audience who it will appeal to.'

Aurora will now go on to devleop her idea with support from The Pitch and a production budget of £25,000. 

She said, 'I’m shocked! I’ve been here so many times but I’ve never actually won before. Every year I know I’ve been better at pitching and I’ve picked up tools and techniques each time to improve. I know it’s an ambitious idea and I know I’ve set myself a challenge but I’m really excited about the journey of the film.'

Luke Walton, the project’s director said: 'Each year the standard rises, but this year it has been harder than ever to select a winner. Aurora has chosen a great Bible story – the story of Jonah. She looked deep inside the story and what goes on inside the whale. She’s carefully thought through her story and showed a willingness to develop. Her vision, emotion and clarity won her the top place.”

See more reaction form Aurora here. 

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