Hama Yaye (left) hands a pile of literacy booklets to Pastor Issa in Niger. They will enable more people to read the Bible.

New 4x4 vehicle means more Bibles for more people in Niger

Hama Yaye leads Bible work in one of the toughest places for Christians in the world – the West African country of Niger – and he wants to thank Bible Society supporters for providing him with a 4x4 vehicle to deliver God’s word to remote communities.

Hama and his team travel up to 600 miles a day through desert and rock-strewn roads to reach people with God’s word and support isolated Christians.

His previous vehicles had a habit of breaking down. Once his engine blew up leaving the Bible Society team stranded in the middle of nowhere in this vast country. There are other reasons too why a reliable vehicle is necessary – not least the constant threat of bandits and Islamist extremists.

At a special event you can watch here, an emotional Hama was full of gratitude for the imminent arrival of his vehicle.

He said: ‘I cannot thank God enough for each person who gave in order for this work to be accomplished. I can't thank you enough. God has answered a long-awaited need – I can't even explain it. If only I could show you all the places – “Here I broke down once, there I broke down once, there another time” – you would be able to see the need.’

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. Access to the Bible is enabling more and more people to deal with the problems they face every day, such as inter-ethnic tensions, radical extremism and, in 2020, devastating flooding.

Hama’s team will be able to fit 500 Bibles into the back of a 4x4 and get them to people who really need them. 

Michael Ellis, who leads Bible mission in The Gambia, appeared alongside Hama at the online event.

The plan is to now provide the Bible Society team in The Gambia with a 4x4 vehicle. It will enable Michael’s team to reach more and more impoverished villages with God’s word. ‘We will forever be grateful,’ said Michael.

If you would like to contribute to purchasing a vehicle for Bible work in The Gambia please click on the button below.

Help Michael’s team in The Gambia

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