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Elder Iwo Samson Famous said of the Epie translation, ‘As I receive this Bible today, I am the happiest person.’ Photo credit: Bible Society of Nigeria

Joy in Nigeria as New Testament translation celebrated

A congregation reacted with joy when portions of Scripture were read out in their own language for the first time from a new Bible translation in Nigeria.


Our pastors can now preach and conduct
Bible study in our language,’ said
Miss Abraham Montgomery.
Photo credit: Bible Society of Nigeria

With Covid restrictions eased and churches and schools open, a dedication service was allowed to take place on 23 September in the town of Yenagoa to celebrate the translation of the New Testament into the Epie language, which is spoken in southern Nigeria.

‘I’ve been praying and expecting this day. It is no longer a wish or a dream, but a reality,’ said Miss Abraham Montgomery. ‘The people of other languages in our neighbouring states have the Bible in their mother tongue, and I am happy we now have ours,’ she added.

The publication of the New Testament into the Epie language was made possible by the kind giving of people like yourself.

Elder Iwo Samson Famous said at the launch, ‘Our pastor always preaches in English and sometimes the interpreter does not convey the entire message well. Now we can read and understand.’

Your continuing generosity enables a tremendous amount of Bible work to take place not just in Nigeria but throughout Africa. Right now, a group of translation consultants are being trained to PhD level in Nigeria. Once they complete their studies, their mission will be to train new translators not just in Nigeria but across the region. The aim is to strengthen and accelerate Bible translation projects throughout the whole continent.

Please pray that God will protect these students, and ask the Lord that soon the continuing translation of the Old Testament into the Epie language will be completed. If you would like to, please take a look at our Africa Prayer Tree.

Author: Simon Bartz, 26 November 2020 (Last updated: 18 March 2021)

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