Jamaican New Testament – catch up on the coverage

The Jamaican New Testament was launched in October and generated considerable media attention. In case you missed it, we've rounded up the various bits of coverage here:

The Telegraph picked up on the story of the translation, running it on page 3 of the print edition.

The Metro also ran a piece the day before the official launch event. This prompted some great comments to their letter page – sadly, though, these aren't available online.

There were also pieces in The Sun, The Voice and on ITV's site.

In the Christian press, you can see write-ups about the JNT from the Church Times and Inspire magazine online.

The project – and its main spokesperson, Courtney Stewart, General Secretary of the Bible Society of the West Indies – attracted lots of radio attention. Its first airing was on the BBC World Service's Newshour (44 mins in).

Courtney was also a guest on Radio 4's Saturday Live programme on 6 October (from 42 mins in)

Revd Joel Edwards used the story as the basis for his Thought for the Day on Today on 10 October.

Jeremy Vine discussed the translation and the rise of 'Ja-fake-an' on his Radio 2 programme (from 1hr 40mins in).

And there was a bit of a reading lesson, as well as some history of the language and discussion on BBC West Midlands's Chatback (from 1hr 20mins in)

Courtney was also interviewed for ITV Central – watch their report here.

You can buy a copy of the Jamaican New Testament from our online shop: biblesociety.org.uk/shop


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