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From Syria to Christ

Syrian refugee, Oum, tells us about loneliness of war, reciting the Lord's Prayer and the shining hospitality of Jordanian Christians. 

Oum Ousama’s voice shakes as she talks about happier days in her home in Syria, before the war.

‘It’s really difficult to think about Syria and all that destruction as my relatives are still there,’ she says. ‘We came here alone and lonely, and so all I can do is pray that our family has survived. Because of the war our family is scattered around the world. That’s very painful.’

Oum Ousama (67) is one of some 20,000 refugees from Syria who have fled to the border regions in northern Jordan.

Here, she was among some 500 families who are currently receiving pastoral care, monthly food rations and basic provisions such as mattresses and second-hand clothes from the local church, which we support.

How one Syrian woman discovered hope in a refugee camp

Evangelism is outlawed in this predominantly Muslim society. But kindness and generosity aren’t.

And Jordanians are known for their hospitality. The Christians of Jordan are no exception. So, perhaps it’s not surprising that something else is happening here: people from a Muslim background are finding faith in Christ. Oum Ousama is one of them.

‘Yes, they brought food packages,’ she says of the local Christians who we work with, ‘but what I really cared about was the spiritual help that I received. Believing in the Lord is all the money that you need.

Pray for the Middle East

‘It has made such a difference to know that God is always with me. My three daughters have accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour. It’s enough that he is with us always. I’m thankful for that.’

Thanks to your generosity, Oum Ousama has been given a Bible. She says that her favourite passage is the Lord’s Prayer, and recites it in Arabic.

‘It connects me with the Lord and it makes me feel that I am not in the world any more. It is my daily prayer,’ she says.

Help war-traumatised children smile again

Help war-traumatised children smile again

The lives of many children from Syria have been broken by war. But you can make a difference with just £10.

Middle East prayer tree

Middle East prayer tree

Pray for our teams in Jordan and Lebanon who are bringing the Bible to life for refugees fleeing war in the Middle East, offering Bible-based trauma healing to refugees as well as food and other essentials.

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