First poll of Christians across Britain finds 56% think the St Paul's protestors should be allowed to stay

As the bailiffs move in to evict Occupy London protestors, Bible Society has conducted the first poll of Christians since the protests began. 

The poll has found that 56% percent of Christians believe the protestors should not be removed, compared to one third (29%) who think they should be. 15% per cent said they did not know. 

The poll also asked Christians whether the church should be on the side of the protestors or the city. 40% per cent said the protestors, 2% per cent said the city and 59% per cent said ‘neither’.

Instead of focusing on: “What would Jesus do?” as many have done, Bible Society asked Christians: “Where would Jesus be”?

  • Preaching in the City 14%
  • In a TV studio 0%
  • In a tent outside with the protestors 13%
  • In the Cathedral praying 3%
  • Acting as a mediator 10%
  • None of the above, he would do something none of us expected 60%

The survey was undertaken by Bible Society asking a range of Christians from various organisations including our own supporters. Over 800 people replied.

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