Exposed - global campaign highlights poverty and corruption

A coalition of Christian groups, including Bible Society, is to launch a new campaign aimed at highlighting global poverty and corruption. ‘$1 trillion goes missing each year due to corruption,’ said Dr Dion Forster at the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) forum in Uganda. ‘Yet just one per cent of the world’s global income would be sufficient to eradicate extreme poverty.

‘There is enough for all of us on the earth to live well. So why are we poor?’ asked Dr Forster, who is from South Africa. ‘As a Christian I have a responsibility to do something about the hunger around the world.’

The Exposed campaign aims to challenge the global Church, business and governments to highlight the impact of corruption on the poorest of the poor. It claims:

  • 854m people are undernourished. Annually, North Americans spend about $558bn on take-out food and $33bn on weight loss products. Yet a child dies every five seconds due to hunger-related causes and half of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day.
  • 1.6bn people have no access to clean drinking water, and each day 29,000 children die from preventable diseases.
  • Providing malaria prevention to the developing world would cost just 4.2bn dollars – 10% of what is spent on take-away food. $25bn a year would be enough to give life-saving medical services to every low income country.

Dr Forster said the church must be mobilised into action. He quoted John Wesley, who said: ‘There can be no personal holiness without social holiness.’

The Exposed campaign wants to gather 100m signatures to present to the world’s economic leaders at the G8. The campaign gets underway in October, but the website petition is already live. For more details, go to

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