A vehicle gets stuck in sand in Niger. New 4x4 vehicles will make it much easier to get Bibles to remote communities.

Driving forward to deliver God’s word to remote parts of Africa

The Bible Society team in Niger travel between 300 and 900 miles a day to reach churches, support pastors and deliver Bibles. This can be difficult when your vehicle’s engine has a habit of blowing up in the middle of the desert.

‘Recent breakdowns meant it to took us two days for a journey of 300 miles. Last December it took us almost the whole day for a trip that was only 30 miles!’ said Hama Yaye, who leads Bible Society work in the West African country that is mainly desert and five times bigger than the UK.

Hama told us of a 300-mile trip to visit 18 remote villages in five days to distribute Bibles and provide audio Scripture to listening groups. The engine exploded. The trip was over when it had barely begun.

Hama Yaye

‘It left us crushed with disappointment … people who’d waited so long for a Bible wouldn’t get one. Church leaders in desperate need of support wouldn’t see us,’ said Hama.

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world and access to the Bible is enabling more and more people to deal with the problems they face every day – such as inter-ethnic tensions, radical extremism and, in 2020, devastating flooding caused by climate change.

A few years ago people just like you helped provide 4x4s for Bible Society teams in Mali and South Sudan. Those vehicles have made a huge difference in reaching out to more and more people with God’s word.

And now there is hope for Hama’s team in Niger. Bible Society supporters are getting behind Bible mission in Africa by helping provide 4x4 vehicles to reach these remote communities with God's word. 

Hama’s team will be able to fit 500 Bibles into the back of a 4x4 and get them to people who really need them. But a new vehicle costs £25,000. 

If you want to help Hama in Niger and also our team in The Gambia purchase a 4x4, then please find out more information by clicking on the red button below.

Help Hama in Niger

INVITATION: Join us on Thursday 17 June at 5 pm to hear first-hand from Niger Bible Society leader Hama Yaye about the huge impact that the generosity of people just like yourself has on Bible work in Africa. Hama will be joined at the event by Michael Ellis, who leads Bible mission in The Gambia. They will talk about how your kind giving makes an impact. Sign up for free to attend the meeting.

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