Dawkins: ‘thoroughly in favour of educating people' about Bible

The Daily Telegraph reports that Richard Dawkins has said he is ‘thoroughly in favour of educating people' about the Bible.

The paper says, Dawkins who is widely known for his atheist views, was speaking to The Spectator magazine before the launch of his new book in which he writes about his passion for education.

At Bible Society we’re also passionate about education and agree that people should have the chance to learn about the Bible. That’s why we are working to help improve the quality of RE teaching in schools and have a series of resources to help students and teachers.

  • crossref-it.info: This online resource has helped more than 700,000 students discover the Bible in literary texts.
  • 'Open the Book': Bible Society has joined forces with Open the Book to support 8,500 volunteers telling Bible stories in 1,500 schools.
  • Empty Hanger: An interactive presentation developed at the London College of Fashion designed to get children thinking about design, fashion and faith using characters from the Bible.


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