Syrian displaced children who fled violence after the Turkish offensive against Syria. REUTERS/Ari Jalal

Christians among casualties in new Syria conflict

George, who leads our work in Syria, has told us many Christians are among recent casualties in the country.

George has amazingly kept the Bible Society bookshop open in Aleppo every single working day of the Syrian conflict. Now he is asking for our prayers after recent attacks.

They are ‘a continuation of the disasters inflicted on Syrians’, he told us.

He has been contacted by church leaders in the area who have spoken of ‘massive displacement’ in some towns and cities as a result of the shelling. ‘Many civilians have already died and thousands of them have been fleeing from their houses through the shelling and violent attacks. The Churches have sent us the news that there are many injured, including Christians.’

The house of one Christian family in Qamlishi – who had fled there for safety from elsewhere in the country – received a direct hit from Turkish shells, he told us. The mother of the family is in a critical condition and will be paralysed if she survives. 

Leaders of the various Churches in Syria are trying to help and requesting our prayers.

Please pray for protection, peace and stability.

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Will you bring God’s word to people in Syria?

Will you bring God’s word to people in Syria?

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Middle East prayer tree

Middle East prayer tree

We are actively responding to the need for Bibles and hope amidst conflict in Syria. Meanwhile our teams in Jordan and Lebanon are offering Bible-based  trauma healing and aid essentials to refugees fleeing war. You can support the our teams and the people of the Middle East in prayer by adding a prayer leaf to our tree.

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In the Middle East

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