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Children ‘eager’ to hear Bible stories, conference told

Britain's primary school children are 'eager' to hear Bible stories. That was the message today from Open the Book spokesperson, Val Ralston.

Speaking at the Christian Resources Exhibition in London, Val encouraged people from across the UK to get active in their local schools, holding assemblies.

'Children take part in the assemblies, dress up and even have speaking parts,' she said. 'It's a great experience for them. They are eager to hear the stories.'

Open the Book works in more than 2,000 primary schools across the country. Local teams of volunteers run regular scripted assemblies for schools, acting out 33 Bible stories over the course of a year.

Some 400 schools joined the scheme last year, and it’s hoped that another 500 will take part this year.

'It's important that we do this,' said Val, 'because it gives children the chance to hear Bible stories often for the first time. They aren't hearing them at home, and generally don't go to church. But there are some great stories to tell.'

She added, 'I'd really like to encourage people to set up teams in their locality.

'We are thrilled to be in more than 2,000 schools every week. But with more than 18,000 primary schools in England and Wales, we’ve got some way to go.

'Children may never have heard about Jesus or God, or any Bible story, until they do so through Open the Book.'

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