Children and parents 6 out of 10 score on nativity knowledge

A survey by ICM for Bible Society, reported in the Telegraph, shows people still have a good general understanding of the nativity story.

ICM polled 2000 people, mums and dads and their children aged 7-12.  They asked 10 questions of various degrees of difficulty, online in the week beginning Dec 6 2012.  The survey aimed to test general understanding of the story today.

On average parents and children scored 6 out of 10.  22% of parents and 18% of children scored 8 out of 10 or more. 

Just over half the families (52%) planned to go to a school nativity this year. 

According to the survey, these are the ten best-known facts about the nativity:

  1. 98% knew Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Luke 2  4)
  2. 89% knew Mary put the baby Jesus in a manger (Luke 2  7)
  3. 83% knew the Angel Gabriel told Mary she would give birth (Luke 1  26)
  4. 77% knew Herod was king at the time (Matthew 2  1)
  5. 63% knew the angels were the first to announce the news  (Luke 2  15)
  6. 52% knew Mary and Joseph were travelling because they has been ordered to register with the authorities (Luke 2  1)  
  7. 46% knew the shepherds were first to visit Jesus  (Luke 2  16)
  8. 32% knew the word Immanuel (Matthew 1  23) means 'God is with us' 
  9. 26% knew Mary and Joseph were engaged when she found out she was going to have a baby (Matthew 1  18)
  10. 14% knew the wise men travelled West following the star to Jerusalem (Matthew 2  1)

Ann Holt from Bible Society, says "Knowledge of the nativity story is remarkably good, and remarkably high. With all the doom and gloom around about the demise of Christianity, it just shows the power of these stories to hold on.

"This poll shows what an important part schools have to play in passing on the Christmas story from one generation to another and what a good job they have done."


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