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New ‘Live the Bible’ initiative in Wales

2017 – Blwyddyn Byw y Beibl

The new year welcomes the launch of ‘Byw y Beibl’ (Live the Bible), a new campaign by Bible Society Wales, Y Cyngor Ysgolion Sul (The Sunday School’s Council) and Gobaith i Gymru (Hope for Wales) to encourage reading the Bible in Welsh.

Following the success of the Beibl Byw (Living Bible/Bible Alive) campaign in 2016, ‘Byw y Beibl’ will build on last year’s work with the aim of developing the conversation about the Bible in Welsh. Various activities are planned but one common thread that will run throughout the campaign will be a series of weekly articles by Christine Daniel, the Head of Bible Society in Wales, and others in the Pedair Tudalen entitled ‘What does the Bible say about…’. The articles will look at current affairs and explore challenging themes that are relevant to people’s daily lives, discussing how the Bible helps us live day by day. The intention is to share the articles on the app 'Y Ras', as well as on Bible Society Wales’ website and Twitter pages.

View the articles here

To support the campaign Byw’r Beibl is also developing a set of 10 coasters with a quotation from the Bible and 10 questions as a tool to spark discussion. These will be shared by ministers/church leaders throughout Wales to be used wherever there’s an opportunity to talk over a shared cup of tea or drink.

Christine Daniel, the Head of Bible Society in Wales said;

“It is so important that as well as reading the Bible we also learn to live out the implications of what we read. Byw y Beibl is a challenge to do just that – to read the Bible and then think ‘what will I do differently today as a result of what I have read?’ We are excited to see what changes will develop in people’s lives and communities as a result of Byw y Beibl”

Thanks to the success of Beibl Byw last year,’s modern Welsh translation of the Bible is out of print for the second time, having sold almost 10,000 copies in 2016. A third print is on its way with the hope that the ideas produced by Byw y Beibl will aid and support the work of denominations in Wales.

Author: Bible Society, 10 January 2017 (Last updated: 12 July 2017)

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