Bibles in World War One. Do you have a story to share?

2014 marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. This will doubtless be a time of much reflection and remembrance nationally so we are hoping that the Bible will have a place in these considerations too.

Delving back over Bible Society’s history we have found many records listing how we supported our soldiers on the front line.  We have been heartened to read how much gratitude was shown for the gift of a Bible by the sick and wounded soldiers, by refugees, those held as prisoners of war and for the troops marching to the front. Over nine million Bibles were distributed through the war years – some pocket new Testaments, Gospels and Psalms.

Bearing these vast numbers in mind, we are thinking there must be thousands of stories of Biblical significance in existence.  Within your own family and homes there may be stories or heirlooms that you can unveil - particularly from those who served in or lived during the First World War.

Perhaps you have a copy of the New Testament & Psalms from these times which has been left to your family?  May be you have an account of the Bible’s words bringing comfort or peace to a soldier in the trenches? Perhaps you can recall countless tales told by your ancestors of their ‘war years’?

We would love to hear your stories; stories about the Scriptures within the context of World War 1 and would love you to share them with us!

If you feel you are able please let us know by email or

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