Our team in Syria had to temporarily close their Bible Houses due to Coronavirus. However, it was recently able to distribute Scriptures to children in different cities and towns across the country. Wearing masks and taking all the necessary precautions, it was able to provide Scriptures for around 28,000 children.

Bookshops and ministries at risk of closure

Bible Society bookshops and ministries in 88 countries are at risk of closure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns.

It means almost 500 projects to translate, distribute and share the Bible with millions of people are under threat. And the most vulnerable communities will be hardest hit – at a time when many are turning to God’s word for hope and comfort.

The crisis, affecting more than a third of the Bible Society network, has been triggered by plummeting Bible sales and income in some nations. There’s no money to pay staff or keep the doors open. Even our most impactful and well-organised teams are under huge pressure.

In many places, our teams have provided vital practical aid to struggling families, as well as meeting demand for God’s word. Their work has highlighted the urgent need to keep Bible work alive, especially at a time of global crisis. 

Bible projects at risk

Bible Societies at risk

A ‘Rescue and Recovery fund' has been created to support Bible ministry in 88 nations. Critical funding is being redirected to pay staff and rent. Struggling Bible Societies are being helped with things like online Bible sales, to generate income. And in the long term, staff are being supported so they are ready to re-launch Bible ministry when restrictions lift.

To support this fund and help keep Bible work alive around the world, please donate today.

You can also read more about the Bible Society Rescue and Recovery Fund.


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Full Bible translation tops 700 languages for first time)

Full Bible translation tops 700 languages for first time

With an estimated 7,000-plus languages in the world there may be a little way to go, but the full Bible has now been translated into 700 of them. Crucially, this means around 80 per cent of the world’s population, just over 5.7 billion people, can now access the whole Bible in their mother tongues.
People in prison need to hear God’s word)

People in prison need to hear God’s word

Left more isolated than ever by the pandemic, prisoners are asking for Bibles – and you can provide them today

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