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Channel 5 to screen Bible TV series

The Bible TV show, which proved a ratings hit in the US, is to screen in the UK, starting 30 November 2013 at 9pm. Channel Five has announced it has bought the rights to the series, which was watched by 13 million viewers on The History Channel.

The Guardian reports that the channel will be home to the 10 hour epic series this autumn. The Bible was a surprise ratings hit in the US this Easter  proving to be one of the History Channel’s biggest-ever shows.

The series stars Diogo Morgado as Jesus. It was made by Mark Burnett,  previously better known for shows such as reality hit Survivor and The Voice, and devotes five hours to the Old Testament, and five hours to the new.

Last year Burnett said,  "I think it's the underpinning of the greatest storytelling in the history of the world. It's very likely to be the biggest thing I've worked on in my life, and seen by more people than all my other shows put together."

After its huge success on TV, The Bible is now smashing sales records in its first week of release on the home video market. 

The Bible is packed with stories that have inspired producers and filmakers. At Bible Society we love it when people adapt the Bible for different mediums. Why not take a look at The Pitch film competition.


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