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Bible Story Minecraft Competition 2018

Recreate your favourite Bible story in Minecraft to be in with a chance of being crowned our competition winner 2018! We'll be judging entries on originality, design skill and the ability to portray the story. Go for it! 

How to enter... 

1. Find a Bible story

There are loads to choose from! Perhaps you already have a favourite or want to explore something new. Check out our entries so far to get some inspiration.

2. Choose a scene or element of the story to recreate in Minecraft

Pinpoint a moment in the story you most want to replicate and think about how it will look from all angles. Be original and feature part of a story that people wouldn’t expect. Need inspiration?

3. Get crafting

It’s time to reach for your pickaxe and start crafting! Apply all your creative craftiness to the task and be in for a chance of being crowned winner. 

4. Up the ante-

Challenge your friends to get involved. Can they make something better than you? Or, team up to make something even bigger together.

5. Take a screengrab

When you've finished, capture your creation and save as JPEG or PNG.

6. Send it our way! 

Email us your name, images and what Bible story you built to by 24 August 2018.

We can't wait to see them!

Enter now

By entering into this competition you will be deemed to have read, understood and have accepted these terms and conditions.

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The prizes!

The Unofficial Bible for Minecrafters - Stories from the Bible told block by block

Three winners will receive a copy of The unofficial Bible for Minecrafters.

The authors; skilled in using games and toys to create fun learning environments and products for children, have re-created Bible stories with the famous virtual blocks to produce vibrant, and complex 3-D worlds filled with adventure and using astonishing imagination.


Entries so far

This competition is not an official Minecraft product. It is not approved by or associated with Mojang. 

Need inspiration?

Feeding of the 5000

Moses and the burning bush

The nativity

Jesus’ resurrection: the stone rolled away

David and Goliath

Jesus walking on water

Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish

Jonah and the whale

Parting of the red sea

The fall of Jericho

The tower of Babel

Daniel in the Lion’s den

The baptism of Jesus

Moses brings water from the rock

The ark of the covenant

The Passover

The last supper

Jesus Casts Out Demons into pigs

Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man

Jesus turns water into wine

Zacchaeus in the Tree

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