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Ghana’s Open the Book Storytellers with some of the children who are loving the Bible-based fun they’re bringing to schools.

Bible story dramatisations thrill children in Ghanaian schools

Panicked chickens flutter into the air as boisterous children sprint through a dusty playground towards a classroom at Bishop Girls School in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The benches in the classroom are packed. Girls even sit on the laps of friends. Children who can’t fit in peer through open windows. A volunteer shouts, ‘Open!’ and the children all shout back, ‘the Book!’

Bible Society’s Open the Book ministry in Ghana, which began seven years ago as a pilot project after the success of the programme here at home, is going from strength to strength. Children just love their Bible stories, especially when dramatised by teams of Open the Book volunteer Storytellers.

At another school in Accra, the Apostolic Church Academy, children in their blue and white school uniforms are bouncing with excitement before an Open the Book assembly. They form a chain and dance and sing around the hall.

Soon after, children in scary lion masks are scampering around chasing others who are roaring with laughter. The children are asked what they learned from the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Hands shoot up. ‘Be brave!’ ‘Believe in God!’ ‘Pray!’ ‘God will protect!’

Katrina, 16, said, ‘I want to be like Daniel. I want to be faithful to God.’ 

Open the Book began - and is flourishing - in England and Wales with Bible Storyteller volunteers visiting schools, but now, thanks to Bible Society supporters, it is expanding to more and more countries.

This means more children and young people such as Katrina are becoming grounded in the Scriptures. 

Find out how you and your church can get behind the work of this amazing team in Ghana.

You can also support life-changing Bible work of all kinds every month by joining the Bible mission community.

Author: Bible Society, 24 June 2022

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