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Bible Society hosts spoken word at Big Church Day Out

We are so excited to be at Big Church Day Out this year, officially hosting spoken word at the biggest Christian festival in the UK for the very first time.

We’ll be featuring award-winning spoken word artists such as Harry Baker, Guvna B, Joshua Luke Smith, Sophia Thakur and our very own Dai Woolridge. See our full line up at the BCDO website.

We’re asking some of the top faith-based poets in the UK to help us re-imagine how we story-tell the written word through the form of spoken word.

Dai says,

‘I’m fascinated by the creation account in Genesis 1, how God spoke then life came into being. There’s power in the spoken word and when we use our words to engage, edify, encourage and inspire, in some ways we’re reflecting our Creator God! When you couple that with the opening chapter in John’s Gospel – how God’s spoken word became flesh and dwelt among us, if we use our words to signpost people to Jesus – I believe there’s something truly special happening.’

We’re so excited to be launching in the next few weeks some brand new resources that Dai’s been working on. Look out for a spoken word animation called ‘the Bible in 4 minutes’ and a creative devotional book, Six Beats One Story, which tracks through the Bible story in spoken word poetry.

Watch this space.

Author: Bible Society, 20 May 2022

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