New Bible intelligence supports Catholic Bible Sunday

A new poll, by Bible Society in partnership with the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, sparks a call to make Bible reading 'part of every day'.

Catholic Bible Sunday is celebrated on December 9.  It is the first nationally coordinated event of its kind for many years.

The survey captures the views of Catholics who do and don't attend mass regularly.  It was carried out by Christian Research.

The findings reveal the value of Scripture in the lives of many Catholics:

  • 43% of churchgoing Catholics read the Bible every week aside from reading it in church
  • more than a third of churchgoing Catholics say the Bible has directly influenced a decision they have made in the last week
  • more than four in ten of all Catholics believe the Bible has something positive to contribute to areas like education, international aid and peacemaking.

Matthew van Duyvenbode, Head of Advocacy at Bible Society, one of the contributors to a new resource bank for Catholic Bible Sunday says,

“The survey shows a strong devotion to the Scriptures amongst many practicing Catholics.  We celebrate this!  And we want to prompt other Catholics – practicing or otherwise – to look afresh at the Bible.”

In a letter introducing the new resources, Bishop Kieran Conry, Chair of Bishops' Conference Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis, and James Catford, Chief Executive of Bible Society, say:

"In this Year of Faith there is an opportunity for us to truly celebrate and give thanks to God for the gift of the Scriptures.  It is our hope that by providing some online resources for you to help mark Bible Sunday in your local community, you might rediscover afresh the joy of this encounter with Christ through the Scriptures."

The resources include prayers for use in liturgy, a commentary on the day's Bible readings and a children’s liturgy session plan and activity sheet.  They have been prepared by the Home Mission Desk at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Bible Society.

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