Bible based film is being shot in Manchester replicating 1950s America

The Pitch film director Simon Cookson has worked hard all weekend directing his short film ‘The Light’. Yesterday’s shoot in City Library Manchester worked well for a 1950s American police station whereas today the crew  are filming  in a private home in Didsbury on the outskirts of Manchester.

Time can always be an issue on a shoot like this and the crew are working against the clock. 

Catching Simon on the shoot, on a break, today he says, “It’s going well. It’s really exciting seeing it all coming together.”  Before dashing back onto set again Simon says, “We have got our work cut out this afternoon though as we still have three scenes to shoot. The cast and crew are performing really well.  It is amazing to have such a great team – they are very talented.”

“It’s strange to think that someone reading this who hasn’t even thought of a Bible story or even read one might, this time next year, be stood in Simon’s shoes and on their way to Hollywood too,” muses Project Director Luke Walton.

Budding filmmakers keen to follow in Simon’s footsteps can register their interest for the next competition on The Pitch website now.

Simon Cookson says Manchester is a great place to shoot the film


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