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8/10 parents think it’s important to ‘pass on’ Bible stories. We’ve launched Bible Bedtime to help them get started.

We are challenging parents to help us halt declining Bible literacy by sharing Bibles stories with their children. You can download the app for free from iTunes and take the five-day Bible Bedtime Challenge.    

The app is part of our Pass It On campaign to keep the Bible alive for future generations. As well as the Easter story in two parts it also features Adam & Eve, Jonah & the Whale and The Prodigal Son.

The app is already proving popular, with hundreds of people downloading it on launch day. It’s been written by children’s author Martin Coleman and is his unique take on five Bible stories: Jonah is credited with inventing sushi because he eats raw fish in the whale’s belly; the prodigal son is described as smelling of ‘pig poo’; and God gets ‘ribbed’ about the creation of Eve.  

Hear more from Martin, who hadn’t picked up a Bible since he was a child, about the challenge of writing the app.


Research carried out this Easter tells us children confuse Bible stories with fairy tales and fables. One in three British children aged eight to fifteen (35%) don’t know why we celebrate Good Friday, while for Easter Sunday it’s a similarly high one in four (24%). A quarter thinks the Golden Goose (26%) and the Hare and the Tortoise (28%) may feature in the Easter story.

At Bible Society we want every child to have the opportunity to experience Bible stories. Hear more from our Head of Campaigns, Advocacy and Media, Matthew van Duyvenbode.


Martin Coleman reads the Easter story from the Bible Bedtime app. 

Video production: Tim Read/Perspective Broadcast Ltd


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