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Bible students, studying outdoors due to the pandemic, in Sohag, about 350 miles south of Cairo.

A host of Bible leaders trained in Egypt

Giving someone a Bible is one thing, but getting them to engage with God’s word by reading and understanding it can be a big challenge. And when it comes to teenagers and young adults the challenge is doubled.

The Bible Society of Egypt is meeting this challenge head on by training 3,000 Bible leaders. A core group of 750 is being trained first and then each of these leaders will introduce three more people into Bible mission. The end result is a small host of 3,000 trained leaders ready to lead Bible Study youth groups and Sunday school classes.

Bible students in Sohag.

The Bible Society of Egypt is able to do this thanks to the incredible generosity of people such as yourself. Your kind giving is turning this ambitious project into a reality.

One of the trainees, 27-year-old Amiera, a doctor, said, ‘I thank God for the opportunity to participate in this training. I was struggling with my youth group when we were reading the Bible in the old and difficult translation. Now I have learned to use Bible apps (that present) easier translations that makes the Bible much more understandable for our young people.’

The need for such leaders is crucial because the Bible Society in Egypt distributes vast amounts of scriptures every year, with a great emphasis on youth and children. In the year before the pandemic, more than 1.1 million children’s scriptures were distributed in Egypt. Thanks to the kind giving of Bible Society supporters, more and more of these people will now have access to trained leaders to help them better engage with God’s word.

Most Bible activities and programmes take place in the capital Cairo, but the new training reaches far-flung areas of Egypt.

Mena, a government worker and one of the participants, lives 300 miles south of Cairo. Mena works with 80 high-school aged students in her church’s youth ministry.

‘The Bible Society team contacted us about the Bible study training and because of that I, and some other leaders from my church, are here today. The conference gave us the opportunity to network with (other) churches near to us. The training introduced me to many methods and activities to present the scriptures in our youth meetings,’ he said.

Another trainee in the city of Dairut said, ‘May the Lord bless you and bless the Church and the Bible Society and all who have worked to make this amazing GPS curriculum available to us.’

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Author: Simon Bartz, 27 May 2021

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