5 ways to reach your community this Christmas

Did you catch our Facebook Live on ways to reach your community this Christmas? We chatted to Roy Crowne and Ste Bate about their ideas. Which can you try?

1. Lead carol singing in pubs (and elsewhere!)

Take the good news into pubs and other public spaces this Christmas with a carol singing event. You’ll need to get your confidence up and ask your local landlord, but remember they’ll probably say yes if it means more people inside their venue! We've teamed up with HOPE to produce a brand new carol booklet which is handy on the night but great as a gift at the end of your event, too.

2. Host a Christmas lunch

Loneliness can be especially tough at Christmas. Why not host a Christmas Day Lunch for those who would otherwise be on their own, like Churches Together in Newbury? It could be a great opportunity to invite neighbours and connections who might not usually have anything to do with church. If you can’t organise a lunch on Christmas Day, why not try something simpler like an afternoon tea the week before?

3. Perform a Four-minute Nativity

Want to share the real Christmas story outside the walls of your church building? We took the nativity to our local shopping centre last Christmas. You can download our script, written by comedian Paul Kerensa and check out our top tips and advice for you, including everything from costumes to how to get permission from your local shopping centre.

4. Create a wrapping shop

When Churches Together in Newbury located an empty shop front in their local shopping centre, they snapped up the opportunity to turn it into a ‘Christmas Wrapping Shop’ – a place for local people to come and get their presents wrapped. As well a refuge for people with dubious wrapping skills, the shop provided a place for local connections to be made and conversations to be had. Why not see if your local shopping centre would be up for it this December?

5. Give gifts

Sometimes something physical can be the perfect catalyst for a conversation about the real meaning of Christmas. The Christmas HOPE 2018 magazine could spark such a conversation! Plus check-out our new booklets, The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbour children’s Nativity story, and Just Hay in the Manger for adults. They're all perfect giveaways for your festive events.

Catch the whole conversation with Roy Crowne and Ste Bate on our Facebook page.

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