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4 ways to keep the kids entertained

The summer holidays are in full swing, and perhaps with it are cries of, 'I'm bored!'. Check out these four books to entertain children — and feed them spiritually at the same time.

Lion Bible in its Time  £12.99

Learn about the people and places of the Bible from Jerusalem to Egypt with this fascinating book.

Bible Stories Gone Crazy!  £6.99

Full of fun-packed illustrations of the Bible’s greatest stories, with puzzles, questions and deliberate mistakes to find.

Minecrafters Life of Jesus £5.99

Explore the life of Jesus through the wonderful world of Minecraft

Minecrafters Heroes and Villains £5.99

Explore stories of the heroes of the Bible such as David and Moses, as well as their corresponding villains, through the wonderful world of Minecraft.

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Bible Story Minecraft Competition 2018)

Bible Story Minecraft Competition 2018

Recreate your favourite Bible story in Minecraft to be in with a chance of being crowned our competition winner 2018! We'll be judging entries on originality, design skill and the ability to portray the story. Go for it!
The Queen and WW1)

The Queen and WW1

Today marks 100 years since King George V called for a National Day of Prayer. As we commence 100 days of praying for peace and hope to mark the centenary of the end of World War One, Buckingham Palace gives their Royal seal of approval.
Too poor to buy a Bible... but you can put one in their hands)

Too poor to buy a Bible... but you can put one in their hands

Churches in Malawi are filled with children of all ages, eager to learn about Jesus. But there are simply not enough children’s Bibles. Please, will you help?


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