13,000 Bible booklets to be handed out at ‘Christmas Lunch on Jesus’

Bible Society will give out 13,000 Bible booklets and resources for the Jesus House charity that are running the ‘Christmas Lunch on Jesus’ at the weekend.

Christmas Lunch on Jesus is an annual project set up in 2007 and is funded from donations from local churches.

Churches and Christians from across the borough of Barnet will come together to help the local community this Christmas season, by providing free Christmas hampers full of food for those on a low family income.

The project has expanded this year as 3,000 families are expected to come along to receive a hamper.

Volunteers will be packing hampers over the weekend for beneficiaries containing Pass It On books; The Christmas Poem and the Bible Bedtime Nativity booklet.

The event will start at 10 am on Friday 18 December and at 8 am the following morning. Many families depend on food banks to survive throughout the year and Christmas time poses the biggest challenge.

If you would like to donate to this cause, we are using ‘text to give’ via #AdventChallenge. Text ‘Hamper to 70500’ to donate £5 and help give a food hamper and Bible stories to a UK family living in poverty this Christmas.


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