10 reasons to take on #AdventChallenge according to previous participants

Last year over 16,000 people accepted the challenge to bring the Bible to life in small, practical ways each day of Advent. Here’s why they think you should join them.

1. It will buy you some space

The run up to Christmas can be one of the busiest times of the year, but taking part in #AdventChallenge gives you an excuse to stop and reflect.

‘Advent Challenge gave me a great start to each hectic day of Advent, helping me to focus on the essentials of the season instead of on the trivial demands that can overwhelm me.’

2.  You’ll be bringing the Bible to life

With challenges based on Scripture, your daily task will help you put what you read into practice.

‘Brilliant! Such a practical and fun way to live out the faith we have.’

3. You’ll help others think differently about Christmas

Whether you’re sharing your challenge on Facebook or explaining to a bemused stranger why you want to buy them a coffee, #AdventChallenge helps prod people into thinking about what Christmas is really about.

‘Makes people more aware of the true meaning of Christmas and provided me with an opportunity to share my faith among my friends – and far and wide.’

4. … and maybe even find yourself thinking about Christmas afresh

For many of us, the story of Christmas isn’t new, but there’s always something to discover…

‘Loved the Advent quiz. I have two degrees in theology and it helped me to reconnect with the Advent story.’

5. Your faith might grow, too

With a daily Bible reflection and a challenge to implement, it’s no surprise you might find yourself changing…

‘It challenged my thinking and brought about a greater dedication to my prayer life.’

6. You’ll surprise others

With simple, selfless acts that are out of the ordinary you’re sure to put a smile (or at least a puzzled expression) on someone else’s face.

‘I went to the McDonalds drive-thru and paid for the order of the car behind me. I'm not sure if the staff or the people were more surprised. I'll remember that guy leaning over his dashboard doing double high fives right in the windscreen as I drove off for a long time – I think his wife was still in shock!’

7. You might even surprise yourself

From finally getting to know your neighbour to spreading kindness to a stranger this might just be the push you need to step out of your comfort zone.

‘I LOVED buying the coffee for a person in the queue behind me. I'm quite shy and don't usually do things like that so it took a lot of courage but I was buzzing for days after!’

8. … and find yourself surprised by others!

In all that giving to others, don’t forget to leave your heart open for others to bless you.

‘I found it humbling taking part especially when a homeless man said he would pray for me.’

9. It’ll help your relationships – old and new

When we’re busy, relationships can be hard to maintain, but #AdventChallenge is designed to help you connect with others.

‘I took up one of the challenges to get to know my neighbours better, so I made fudge and took it round to all the houses on the street. I now know more people than before and it was something I would never have done without the challenge.’

10. And it could have a lasting effect… 

After 24 days of spreading goodwill and kindness you might be surprised at the habits you form. You’ll be letting people into your lane at the traffic lights well into February.

‘I found the whole experience really helpful and often fun. It has made me continue looking out for various things to do, like being more willing to let people in when I am driving!’


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