We’re constantly looking for fresh and inventive ways to bring the Bible to life at home and across the world. Here are a few examples of what we've been up to recently.

Children ask for Bibles in Malawi)

Children ask for Bibles in Malawi

God’s word is changing the lives of Malawi’s children. Now more and more of them are asking for Bibles, as Alan Kember explains.

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‘My wife and I have been married for four years. We have an end-of-the-day pray and we often pray Psalm 127 which says, ‘It is useless to work so hard for a living, getting up early and going to bed late, for the Lord provides for those he loves, while they are asleep’. I’m not one of life’s worriers, but it’s a reminder to me not to blitz through life not being anxious. It’s a reminder...’ Read story

In video

The Old Testament journey in 3 ½ minutes is a free video resource giving you a snapshot of Israel’s journey through the Old Testament in – yes you’ve guessed it – 3 ½ minutes!

Feel free to share and screen. Download the film from

Open the Book is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible, from a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies/acts of Collective Worship.

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers as they travel on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus and get talking to someone who gives them the biggest surprise of all! Download the video for free or order the accompanying story booklet.

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