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Working in over 200 countries, Bible Society is a charity on a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child. We believe that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change – for good. 

Resources to help you understand the Bible

The Bible Course

The Bible Course is an eight-session course helping you explore the world's bestseller. It uses a unique storyline, to show you how key events, books and character fit together. and is accessible to everyone, whether familiar with the Bible or just starting out.

#SheToo podcast series

#SheToo podcast series

Join us for #SheToo, a podcast series exploring some of the texts that include violence against women in the Bible. These 'texts of terror' have, at times, been used to oppress women or have just been ignored. But what happens if we take a closer look?

Bible Book Club

Bible Book Club

Love books? Love book clubs? Welcome to Bible Book Club, helping you read the Bible with your friends – one book at a time. Our helpful guides will give handy background information including tips, discussion questions and some hints for handling those tricky sections.

Videos and articles

Youth resource

Bible Society and Youth for Christ have teamed up to create a truly unique Bible. 

Young people helped us put this Bible together. We listened to their ideas and heard what really matters to them: information to help them learn and dig deeper into the Bible’s message, challenges to make them think about what they read and tools to help them act on it – as well as time to reflect and space to create through journalling, drawing and adding colour.

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