The Turning

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The Turning Bible and Discipleship Manual will help those who respond on the streets begin to understand the word of God as they start their journey into discipleship.Yinka Oyekan, Turning Team Leader

The Turning Bible

The Turning Bible is in a translation which is easily read and understood for those who have made a response to Jesus.  It uses everyday language and is perfect for reading aloud.  This bible will help those who have responded on the streets begin to understand the Word of God as they begin their journey into discipleship.


  • Introduction from The Turning
  • Who is Jesus?
  • The Bible



Discipleship Manual

A lot of discipleship courses are group based but this is different; it offers the person who has responded a one-to-one discipleship experience. It helps people who have responded in prayer on the streets to develop an understanding of what it means to be a Christian, how to engage with Church and develop a discipleship relationship with someone from a local church.

As part of the journey you would look at Jesus, Church, the Holy Spirit, Baptism, Prayer, Worship and many more fundamental parts to the Christian faith.  It is written through in a questioning form which allows the discipleship to occur at the pace best suited for the individual; giving them ample opportunity to ask questions, read the Bible and pray.

This manual not only helps the person being discipled but also guides the person doing the discipling.


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