An Invitation to Hope: Mission through Prayer and Lament

Webinar: Tuesday 9 February 2021, 10.00 to 11.30 am

JOIN US for this special opportunity to gather together online as Christian leaders from all kinds of denominations, places and contexts, to reflect, pray, lament, seek God and encourage each other in these challenging times.

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Are you feeling weary as the fight to overcome the coronavirus pandemic stretches on with all its implications – personal, societal and global? Bereavement, anxiety, isolation, hardship, uncertainty and poor mental and physical health ... the list goes on. The demands of not only adapting to restrictions but reaching out and ministering to suffering people, whilst many of us are struggling ourselves, takes its toll.

In a world like this, how do we faithfully present the biblical narrative and gospel hope?

How are we to lead in this context? It’s time to come together and ask, ‘What is God saying to us and what can we do?’

We will discuss research findings and useful mission resources alongside spending time in prayer, lament and reflection, sharing what God is doing and asking how we can partner with him in a new wave of mission across England, Wales and beyond. 

With contributions from Revd Victoria Lawrence, Dr Hugh Osgood, Nigel Langford, Fr Timothy Radcliffe, Paul Harcourt, Bishop Rachel Treweek, Revd Nims Obunge, Baroness Stroud, Archbishop Angaelos, Sir Gary Streeter MP, Revd Mark Harris, Siân Rees, Prof Paul Williams and more …

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The webinar: An Invitation to Hope: Mission through Prayer and Lament will take place on Tuesday 9 February 2021, 10 to 11.30 am. Please join us and pass this invitation on to fellow Christian leaders.

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