You and your Bible

We asked you to tell us about you and your Bible – how you read it, how you feel about it, and what will help you read it more. Thanks for taking part! The answers are in and you can download your report below.

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Books of the Bible

Q: What’s your favourite book of the Bible? And what’s your least favourite?

5 most favourite books


5 least favourite books

Song of Songs

The Bible

Q: Select five words or phrases that best describe the Bible for you

Bible reading

Q: Outside of church services, how often do you read (or listen to) the Bible?

 More or less every day (64.1%)
 A few times a week (21.7%)
 About once a week (7.4%)
 About once a month (3.6%)
 A few times a year (2%)
 About once a year (0.2%)
 Hardly ever – less than once a year (0.7%)
 Never (0.3%)

Reading methods

Q: Which of these do you use most often to read the Bible?

 Computer (4.6%)
 Smart phone (15.4%)
 Tablet (11.2%)
 E-book reader (3%)
 Printed copy (63.2%)
 Audio recording (1.5%)
 Not applicable (1.1%)

Reading locations

Q: In the last month, where did you last read/listen to the Bible?

At home (88.9%)
At a church service (85.8%)
At a church gathering (60%)
In bed (57.9%)
On holiday (30%)
 At someone else’s house (24%)
 At work (23.7%)
 In the car, on the train etc. (23.2%)
 In the bathroom (11.5%)
 At a festival (7.2%)
 At the gym (0.8%)
 I haven’t read or listened to the Bible in the last month (0.7%)



South East (19%) [filter]
South West (14.3%) [filter]
North West (9.4%) [filter]
West Midlands (8.7%) [filter]
East of England (7.8%) [filter]
London (7.4%) [filter]
Yorkshire & Humberside (7.2%) [filter]
East Midlands (6.4%) [filter]
Wales (5.6%) [filter]
Northern Ireland (4.9%) [filter]
North East (3.7%) [filter]
Scotland (1.7%) [filter]
Outside of the UK (3.9%) [filter]


 Male (36.1%) [filter]
 Female (63%) [filter]
 Not known/other specified (1%)


 16-17 (0.3%) [filter]
 18-24 (6.3%) [filter]
 25-34 (9.8%) [filter]
 35-44 (14.2%) [filter]
 45-54 (20.6%) [filter]
 55-64 (24.6%) [filter]
 65+ (23.2%) [filter]
 Prefer not to say (1%) [filter]


 Anglican/Church of England (40.6%) [filter]
 Baptist (13.6%) [filter]
 Catholic (4.4%) [filter]
 Eastern Orthodox (0.1%) [filter]
 Independent (9.2%) [filter]
 Methodist (7.9%) [filter]
 New Church (2.6%) [filter]
 Pentecostal (6.7%) [filter]
 Presbyterian (2.3%) [filter]
 Prefer not to say (2.1%) [filter]
 Other (10.4%) [filter]

Our research is carried out under the rules of the MRS code of conduct – any data you provide will be confidential and you can withdraw from the survey at any time.

NB Please note - this survey does not have a representative sample, it represents the views of those who we could reach in this period, who have a computer, and who wanted to take part. We know it doesn’t represent how Christians in the UK typically think about the Bible, but it does give us insight into a community that’s passionate about their Bible and who want to grow their relationship with it. Unless otherwise stated, figures in this report refer to respondents from the UK. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding and multiple selection option questions. The charts above show results from people who describe their religion as Christianity.

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