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What a tour we had around the country where we encountered rain, sleet and snow leading to a cancellation, but all absolutely worth it to meet with some of our volunteers and share again our vision of a world where everyone has access to the Bible and can recognise its value for them, their families and communities. Any why do we have that vision? Because we believe that when people engage with the Bible, their lives can change for good.

The days were certainly well filled with time for volunteers to tell us about what they thought of the pack Teach China’s Christians as well as Bible Sunday resources. We also demonstrated some of the fun resources coming up like The Bible Course, the 3 ½ minute Old Testament and the Seriously Surprising Story, all before lunch! After a lot of chatter over lunch I handed the floor to our Speakers who each gave us a 5 minute presentation. It was great to hear them speak, thank you to everyone who helped us by getting involved.

We finished our day off by running through the new Spring Fundraising Pack entitled My Bible, My Story. It was so nice to use the Bible Study resource together and then close with prayer for Fida and others who’s stories are told through the pack.

It was such a blessing to staff and volunteers alike.

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