Bible Society exhibition on the Isle of Man

Last year was the 250th anniversary of the completion of the New Testament in Manx Gaelic which coincidentally was the first book printed here in Ramsey in the north of the island.

Hannah Dobbins, Church Relationship Manager for Bible Society, contacted us suggesting that this important anniversary be marked by a celebratory exhibition.

We met with Hannah when she visited the island in May to make tentative arrangements with various interested parties who would be able to help with setting up the exhibition. We were delighted with the response as many organisations and people including Manx National Heritage at the Manx Museum, Culture Vannin, Manx Radio, Bunscoill (the Manx-speaking school), the Dean of the Cathedral and many others said they were ready to help.

The next few busy months culminated in the setting up of the exhibition - a celebration of the 250th anniversary of the completion of the New Testament in Manx Gaelic. The exhibition was hosted at St Germans Cathedral in Peel and ran from 10 October through until Christmas. The first part of the exhibition included images of archived New Testaments materials in Manx (courtesy of Manx National Heritage) taking visitors through the story of the beginning of the New Testament in Manx in 1748 to its completion in 1767. This part also included drawings and illuminated texts in Manx contributed by pupils from Bunscoill.

The second part of the exhibition featured ‘Creation: A Celebration’ celebrating the crossover between art, the biblical creation story and the Bible. These 42 breath-taking panels of embroidery, painting and mixed media took over two years to complete. The tapestries, which are based on Bible verses about creation from Genesis 1-2 helps viewers to reconnect with the natural world through a blend of historic and contemporary artistry.

You too can book Creation: A Celebration, just email

The exhibition, celebrating the word of God and the Manx language, has been well attended and successful in promoting the work of Bible Society throughout the world. The Northern Action Group here on the island would like to say thank you to Hannah and Bible Society for all of the research and time given to setting up the exhibition. Our sincere thanks too to everyone who has contributed to its success and to the Dean and staff at the cathedral for hosting the event.

Article written by Helen Rowlands  

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