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Photos Wanted

We regularly receive requests from churches to visit them and tell them about our vision and mission. We'd love to update our speaker web page  so if you’ve got a photo of a yourself or another volunteer speaker ‘in action’ please send it to volunteers@biblesociety.org.uk. The more the merrier!

Receiving gifts - Important update

Following a review of our Gift Envelopes, it has become clear that they are not considered secure enough to record credit, debit or CAF card details. If receiving a gift from someone, please ensure it is given as cash or cheque only through these envelopes. If someone wants to make a donation by credit card we ask that they donate online through our website or contact us by phone on 01793 418222. Thank you for your understanding in this issue.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

With the introduction of GDPR, you will begin to see our updated ‘promise’ that tells you how we will handle your personal data here at Bible Society. 

We ask that you destroy any old forms that you have and only use the new ones. Whilst you may feel that this is a waste of resources, we are sure you will understand the importance of being legally compliant.

You can order replacement forms by emailing supporter.materials@biblesociety.org.uk.

Tell us how many of each that you would like:

  • xx copies of PR000399 – Gift Envelopes
  • xx copies of PR000398 – Collection Boxes
  • xx copies of PR000371 – Bible a Month forms

GDPR is causing a few concerns amongst volunteers about keeping contacts’ details secure.  Where you hold names and addresses on behalf of Bible Society, you should keep the data secure. If the data is kept on a computer, it should be locked with a secure password (at least 12 characters); if it is on paper, then it should be locked in a cupboard/filing cabinet with limited access. The information should only be used for Bible Society purposes and never shared with anyone else.

We know there are many scenarios which leave us feeling uncertain of what is and what is not permitted and we hope the guidelines above will help. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office on 01793 418 222.




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