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The Bible Series: Small Group Experience

A seven-part series through the big story of the Bible for small groups and home groups

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Through this engaging series of short films, Andrew Ollerton takes us on a tour through the Bible. The series is perfect for small groups – watch the films together then use our Discussion Guides to dig deeper into the key themes.

Film 1: What is the Bible?

The series opens with an introductory video, which invites us to imagine the Bible on three levels – as a unique collection of literature, as one big amazing story centred on Jesus Christ and as divine revelation.
Download video (49mb)

Film 2: Origins & Meaning

From the book of Genesis, we explore our origins story to find answers to key life questions such as ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is the meaning of life?’
Download video (275mb)

Film 3: Exodus & Freedom

From Genesis we move to the book of Exodus and explore themes of freedom and salvation.
Download video (220mb)

Film 4: Exile & Peace

In this film, Andrew takes us through the darkest period of Israel’s history and asks the question, ‘How do we find peace in the storms of life?
Download video (276mb)

Film 5: Messiah & Love

Entering the New Testament, this film introduces us to Jesus the Messiah, the source of true love.
Download video (250mb)

Film 6: Spirit & Community

How did Christianity become a global movement? In this film, we explore the events of Pentecost and the work of the Holy Spirit.
Download video (230mb)

Film 7: Hope & Home

The series concludes as we move towards the end of the Bible and explore themes of ultimate hope and our future home.
Download video (286mb)

Series book

If you want to explore the Bible in more depth, why not purchase a copy of Andrew Ollerton’s book: The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life?

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What's next?

If you have enjoyed this small group experience then check out The Bible Series, with lots of free video resources for your whole church to journey through the big story of the Bible.

Check out The Bible Series

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