Pass it on: the Bible verse that matters to me

Philippians 4.13

When my husband was dying I locked myself in the hospital toilet and told the Lord I couldn’t watch him die. This verse came to mind. Whenever things get tough, I’m vividly reminded of the way the Lord spoke to me that day.

Mrs Hughes, Nottingham

1 Timothy 4.15

In my final year as an undergraduate I was considering going to Bible college. This verse gave me the conviction it was the right step. I became a Bible Society translation consultant, and over the years, I worked with more than 50 translation projects in different languages.

Dr David, Camberley

Romans 8.26

After my wife was diagnosed with cancer, she decided not to have treatment. We all tried to persuade her to change her mind but she was adamant. I went to church and my mind was in turmoil. I was completely unable to pray. But as I took communion I felt more peaceful, and felt someone was holding my arms to my sides. After I walked home I told Ellen I would respect her wishes. She would not change her mind, and although I was unable to pray, I felt God understood my needs and I would be provided with the strength needed. Ellen lived for two more months and died peacefully.

Gordon, Stoke-on-Trent

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