Pass it on: the Bible verse that matters to me

Proverbs 3.5-6

It was a verse my grandfather gave to me repeatedly. Almost every time I left his house, he would say it to me. Over the years this verse, framed within a life of wisdom, has comforted, challenged and rebuked me. In part, I owe my love for the Bible to my grandfather; it was his legacy to me.

Paul Williams, Chief Executive of Bible Society

Matthew 20.28

As a child I wondered in awe how courageous Jesus was to die for what he believed in. My parents were, and are, atheists, and would sarcastically ask how one man could die for many. The bible gives the reason, perfect man Jesus bought back for mankind the equivalent of what Adam lost, perfect life on a perfect earth when God,s kingdom rules over all the earth. It helps me to understand why Jesus taught us to pray for God’s kingdom as the solution to mankind’s problems.


Ruth 1 v 16

There is a determination in Ruth's words that struck me the first time I read it. As an orphan I felt her loss of family and love. She showed love and devotion to the family in whose country she would be an alien and an outcast. My foster mother was harsh but she made me read the Bible. That legacy has stood me in such good stead. Eventually I was adopted into a family that welcomed me and made me feel part of them. How important it is to show Christ's sacrificial love to each other!

Malcolm Lees, CM2 8NS

Philippians 4:8

When I was a child my Father wrote this in my autograph album.
He tended to be a bit of a "glass half full" person times and it feels as if this was his way of pointing me forward into life should I have similar tendencies (and I do!!).

Christine, Ilkley

Romans 8.38-39

It reminds me that God's love surrounds me no matter what.


Deuteronomy 33.27

I was a young leader of a very small, multicultural group in Asia. The leadership was passed on suddenly and unexpectedly and I'd had no training. Several times a day I would go into my bedroom and blank out. Some of the team members didn't speak very good English, another found the cultural adjustment very difficult. I and another girl were hospitalised with amoebic dysentery. Our field leader was in another country. This verse was sent to me in numerous cards and letters, and it was the only thing I could rely on: "The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms."

Hilary, Chester

Isaiah 40:11 "... He will gently lead those who are with young"

Living in the sweltering tropics some years ago, my toddler son became ill, so I drove down to a medical centre in the busily-jammed, capital city. Multiple tests & awaiting results took most of the day. I had to keep returning to the car to feed the meter. Finally, returning to the car to go home, both exhausted, I couldn't find my car keys! I emptied everything, even his nappy bag! Sinking on to the car bonnet in sweaty despair (no mobile phone) a car beeped impatiently, waiting for the parking slot. I looked round, helplessly, - & suddenly saw all my keys: on the car ROOF!
They'd been there, all day!
My car should've been stolen: so many needy people there. As I stared in shock (a new Christian) & the waiting car beeped again, that verse slipped comfortingly, peacefully, into my churning thoughts & I decided there really must be guardian angels. Our Almighty, gracious Father God is amazing!

Gina, Reading

Psalm 109 v 1 and 2

Psa 109:1 — Psa 109:2
1 My God, whom I praise,
do not remain silent,
2 for people who are wicked and deceitful
have opened their mouths against me;
they have spoken against me with lying tongues.

When I had a serious accident in 2003, concussion meant I didn't remember what had happened. The car driver who hit my bicycle claimed I had swerved, that I was zig zagging. In distress I asked God to speak and immediately read the verse above. I felt God tell me that the driver was lying and when it came to the court case a witness confirmed I had cycled in a straight line.

Keith, Basingstoke

Micah 6 v.8 (KJV)

It is such good advice, put so succinctly, which should make sense to everyone.

Juliet, Cheam

Psalm 117

I speak this out most days. As a promise to claim, as a prophesy to be fulfilled, as an action of obedience to it and to align myself towards God. It helps direct me.

Phil, Swindon

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