Which treasured Bible verse would you like to pass on to a younger generation? Find out which ones our supporters picked and share your memories of favourite Bible stories from childhood.

The Bible shapes our lives because God speaks through the pages of Scripture. Verses bring comfort and a passage guides us through difficult decisions. Reflecting on the Bible stories we heard as children can powerfully remind us how much God’s word is part of our lives.

The Pass It On campaign is about sharing those experiences to encourage and inspire others.

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Proverbs 3.5-6

It was a verse my grandfather gave to me repeatedly. Almost every time I left his house, he would say it to me. Over the years this verse, framed within a life of wisdom, has comforted, challenged and rebuked me. In part, I owe my love for the Bible to my grandfather; it was his legacy to me.

Paul Williams, Chief Executive of Bible Society

Matthew 20.28

As a child I wondered in awe how courageous Jesus was to die for what he believed in. My parents were, and are, atheists, and would sarcastically ask how one man could die for many. The bible gives the reason, perfect man Jesus bought back for mankind the equivalent of what Adam lost, perfect life on a perfect earth when God,s kingdom rules over all the earth. It helps me to understand why Jesus taught us to pray for God’s kingdom as the solution to mankind’s problems.


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We’d love to hear your Bible memories. Which story was your favourite as a child? What made it mean so much? Who brought it to life for you?

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