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Safe Recruitment

It is essential that volunteers are safely recruited by their own churches. Storytellers are eligible to have a DBS (without a check of the barred list) which can form part of their safe recruitment process. This will need to be confirmed with the school if requested. Storytellers must agree to sign up to the OtB Code of Practice.

We updated our Safeguarding Policy in July 2018 and have also produced a Safeguarding Code of Conduct together with a frequently asked questions sheet. If having read these you need further guidance or help with Safeguarding queries, please  contact us.

Safeguarding Guides

As a registered Storyteller you can order free Safeguarding Guides as an easy go-to resource for your team. With sections to note your own DBS info, your Church/Denominational Safeguarding Officer’s name and an easy flowchart of who to talk to when, this will help you know what to do without fear of taking the wrong action. Contact the OtB office and order one for each of your team members.

Safeguarding policies

Safeguarding Policy – England & Wales (version 6 uploaded August 2018)

Safeguarding Code of Conduct – England & Wales (version 6.1 uploaded August 2018)

Safeguarding FAQs – England & Wales (version 6 uploaded August 2018)

Welsh updates are currently in translation.

Safeguarding Policy – Cymru a Lloegr

Safeguarding Code of Conduct – Cymru a Lloegr

Safeguarding FAQs – Cymru a Lloegr


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