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If you’re excited about sharing Bible stories with school children and want to have fun with a team dressing up in costume to act the part, perhaps you’d like to be a Storyteller and get a team started from your church? You will be joining over 17,000 volunteers all over England and Wales doing the same thing!

If you are a new volunteer please go to: what you need to know.
If you are a new team registering please go to: what you need to do.

Visit schools as a Storytelling team

Once you have registered your team, you’ll each be given a log-in number to access resources, training, encouragement and support. It doesn’t matter what age you are or which Christian church you belong to – you just need enthusiasm, a willingness to share the Bible and the backing of your church leadership. Maybe you would like to wear our OtB branded clothing when you are reading from the Storyteller Bible? Once you have your log-in number, go to our Clothing Shop to order online.

As a volunteer Storyteller you’ll be part of a team formed from one or more local churches, which will present Bible stories in primary school assemblies regularly, ideally weekly. The assembly/act of Collective Worship takes around 10–15 minutes but extra time is needed for rehearsing, planning and prayer. Don’t worry if you can’t personally commit to an hour every week as lots of teams operate rota systems, where you give us as much time as you are able. If you can’t get a team together from your church maybe you could join an existing team. Contact us for more information.

The books used are:

  • The Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman
  • Open the Book Handbooks and Storybooks

For copyright reasons each team member needs to have their own copy of The Lion Storyteller Bible and the relevant Open the Book Handbook and Storybook. Your church may be willing to support your team with this financially. You will need a Handbook and Storybook each to cover one academic year. The OtB programme consists of three years of Bible Storytelling with an additional, but optional, year of material called Christian values: A biblical approach. See the information links below for more details.

All Open the Book storytellers must agree to our Code of Practice.

Download the role descriptions and contact us to be registered. Once your team is registered you will each receive a log in number to access web resources. You will also start receiving the Storytellers newsletter, Telling the Story, by email and important updates from Open the Book and Bible Society. We will not share your details with anyone else.

If you step down from being a Storyteller but want to stay in touch with what OtB is doing, ask your Team Leader to fill in a Team Changes form from the Resources area and tick the option to receive OTB newsletters so we can update our records. We would love you to continue praying for OtB.

Storyteller team roles

What you need to do

Ongoing Support

As a registered Storyteller, you will receive your own registration number that will allow you access to more areas of the website for prop and costume ideas as well as ordering Handbooks and Storybooks. You will receive newsletters three times a year which include fun ideas and stories from Storytellers around the country. It also has updates, important news and developments and you will get inspiration for prayers and making props!

We also have local trainers all over the country who can help your team get started with Information Sessions and Initial Training or attend an organised event for Existing teams which we recommend on a regular basis.

Other volunteer roles with OtB

We know that area get-togethers and hubs have started around the country, we want to build on this to create a supported volunteer structure. These include County or Area Co-ordinators who support several groups, local Trainers and Ambassadors (who are trained OtB speakers). These hubs are there to support, encourage and inspire you with new ideas and keep you up-to-date with new developments. Let us know if you are already involved or want to be involved in one or more of these roles so we can help connect you to others.

If you are struggling to get others interested, maybe you could join another team that is already going into a school near you. We can try and put you in touch with your nearest team.

You can also order all these free resources by calling or emailing the office.

Call: 01793 418355

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