NATIONWIDE PRAYER DAY - Tuesday 21 November - Events and Training - Bible Society

NATIONWIDE PRAYER DAY - Tuesday 21 November - Events and Training

New resources have been added to our website giving suggestions as to how to get involved.

Our new search feature on the website is proving very popular and we have heard from several organisations that work in schools who have a huge number of pray-ers supporting their work. These schools will be added to the schools database over the coming weeks. We have added over 60 schools already and I am meeting Pais and Northern Inter-Schools Christian Union to give a fuller picture of prayed for schools. It is wonderful that so much schools work is supported by regular Christian prayer.

Explore the new prayer feature here.

We continue to work closely with all our seven partners as they Pray for Schools and support schools in interesting ways not just in England but throughout the UK.

These exciting developments mean that we could do with some extra volunteers. Could you spare a few hours a week and help Pray for Schools? For further details contact Celia Bowring, the Chair of Pray for Schools. Email:  

Download the Pray for Schools resources.

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